Leonard Fein, H'06, progressive writer and activist, dies at 80

leonard feinLeonard Fein, a progressive activist and writer and the recipient of an honorary doctorate from Hebrew College in 2006, died Aug. 14 at the age of 80. A former professor at Brandeis University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Fein founded the National Jewish Coalition for Literature and was co-founder and former editor of Moment magazine. See story in Haaretz.

From 'The Pianist' film role into real life as a rabbi

jessica kate meyerJULY 5, 2014 — After a prominent role in Roman Polanski’s acclaimed 2002 Holocaust film “The Pianist,” Jessica Kate Meyer was poised for a screen career. But that star turn ultimately sent her in a very different direction. > Read story


Divine-Human Partnership

rabbi jonathan wittenberg

By Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg

AUG. 15, 2014 — It’s hard to know which should make us more afraid: the notion that the human being, or God, is the absolute master of history. It is difficult to decide in the name of which of these attitudes more blood has been spilled, or which is more likely to destroy the world first.
As I write, war rages across much of the Middle East; from afar, one can only weep and pray for the innocent people — inhabitants of Syria, Iraq, Israel and Gaza — whose lives are being devastated. Is there an approach to history, a way of understanding our role and agency within it, which will make us less likely to ruin each other’s lives? > Read story

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